La Tiendita

Unique Shopping Experience

A little about La Tiendita

Our mission is to provide quality, unique products at affordable prices. 

Although most of our items are pre-owned, we do offer some new products as well.
Majority of our items are hand picked; offering one of a kind; therefore it will be rare to have too many multiples of the same item.

We are a family owned and operated in a Christian way. We implement Christian ethics, morals and beliefs in our business, and that is what sets us apart from our competitor. Our main aim is to provide a very high level of customer satisfaction with a smile and an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed.


We are just like Ebay or Amazon...a place providing a variety of items that may be new or used.


Please visit the FAQ link for store specifics.


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Who We Are Not

    We are not specifically affiliated with the Catholic Church, or any diocese or parish. We are however associated with the Catholic Church through our belief and are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

    La Tiendita Christian & Resale Shop helps us with some of the means to provide for our families and our parish communities.  We also support other organizations throughout our area.

   We believe our religious goods can transform lives, help souls, protect marriages and families, guard friendships, and lend a hand to each other so we may all move closer to the Lord.


We offer:  

  • Several payment options [cash or credit/debit cards]
  • No fee 90-day lay-a-ways on most items.
  • A wish list for hard to find items.